as far as the eye can see

 our new feature music collection, sporting mostly hi-energy medieval psy-trance & hc folk and wrapped in one of those unique, eye-catching-and-not-letting-them-go-at-any-price inter-faces that are all the rage these days. all 19 aural blasphemies and 1 intro jingle which doesn't really count but here you go anyway were commited by asterion. the handful of crooked pixels openly mocking the laws of optics was coughed up by trompkins. beer was drunk by borgon.

DOWNLOAD:   v0.9.1  


   asterion sid tracker v1.1

 the new version of the most amazing music editor, full of mind-boggling features and capable of things no other editors currently available on market can do (those things include but are not limited to: peeling potatos, nursing older people, vacuum cleaning, knitting and telling bedtime stories). an unbelievably friendly interface and ease of use makes it perfect even for small children -- like trompkins, who is only 2 years old and, to be honest, he is a bit retarded too - but listen to the music he made with it, i tell you...! satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

DOWNLOAD:   v1.1   v1.0  


   lullabies for naughty children (chapters i - iii)

 our first music collection, starring 27+1 acts of sonic violence, begotten by three absolutely brilliant individuals: us. the design was inspired by several c64 demos coming mostly from late 17th century so, to preserve the oldschool ambience, we decided not to use any of those fancy modern hi speed irq loaders (they weren't known at the time). the collection has received very warm reviews, mostly due to a fact we wrote them ourselves using a bunch of fake nicks.

DOWNLOAD:   v0.1a  


   battle khaos

 a free variation on the theme of julian gollop's chaos -- as contorted by asterion. highly addictive, produces large amounts of pleasure in exchange for user's irreversible physical and mental deterioration. the gameplay features: up to four players (possible alliances), 20 creatures, 21 spells and no cpu adversaries due to an unfortunate gardening accident and a general brain failure. we ritually gather to play this game on the sacrificial mound here at tinnitus hq to this day.

DOWNLOAD:   v1.0  



current memberstatus:

asterion -- code, music
borgon -- music
trompkins -- graphics, music